The Perfect Blood Sugar!!!!!!!!!!

In a kid’s life with diabetes, it makes them happy to have a 100 blood sugar. This video is about how surprised and happy it makes me when my blood sugar is 100.

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Diabetes Art Day 2014

Diabetes Art DayI made this picture called “A Day With Diabetes” to show all the things I have to do in a day to take care of my diabetes.

I had a meeting with our senator to convince him to give money to the Special Diabetes Project. And he decided to give us the money because he listened to our stories and he coaches a kid with diabetes.

I left the picture with him to remember people with diabetes.

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{Allergies} Easter Candy

I was upset about Easter because it was my first Easter with a milk allergy. I could not have a chocolate Easter bunny. In my family we have a tradition to eat the same candy every year.

Allergy Safe Easter BunnyBut on Easter morning I was excited to wake up to a chocolate Easter bunny. Of course, it didn’t have milk or tree nuts. So it was perfect for me.

The next day when I ate it I found out it was hollow. Which was kind of cool. It tasted good, like Hershey’s. Except I can’t have Hershey’s. So they must use something that tastes like milk.

Even if you have diabetes or if you have milk or tree nut allergies you can still enjoy sweets at holidays.

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{Diabetes Art} Camp

Diabetes Art CampI made this for Diabetes Art Day and it’s diabetes camp. Camp is really, really fun. We played lots of games, swam, made crafts, and had lots of fun.

It was my first time at camp. At first I was scared but when it was over I wanted to stay forever!

I think you should go to camp, too.

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